How to Join

We are actively recruiting members for the Partnership.  We have several levels of participation that fit the resources and commitments of different organizations.  As a 501(c)(6), contributions to the Partnership may be partially tax deductible.

Steering Committee – $25,000 or more

Joining at the Steering Committee Level provides for all the benefits of Sustaining Member level and:

  • Listed as Steering Committee Member of the Partnership;
  • Oversee the governance and operation of the Partnership;
  • Identify policy priorities and steer the direction and focus of the Partnership;
  • Priority consideration for selection as a presenter at all public briefings; and
  • Participation in private policy dinners with thought leaders from policy maker, industry, academic, advocacy, patient, and provider groups.

Sustaining Member – $15,000

Organizations that join at the Sustaining Member level have full access to the benefits of General Partnership Membership and:

  • Listed as Sustaining Member of the Partnership;
  • Opportunities to shape and priority participation in all public briefings;
  • Opportunities to chair Partnership policy working groups;
  • Co-branding opportunities on events and publications generated as part of the Partnership;
  • Branding and content input on Partnership web site; and
  • Input on all campaign priorities and outputs.

General Member – $5,000

Organizations involved at this level will have the opportunity to participate and provide input to the Partnership.  Additional benefits include:

  • Listed as a public member on the Partnership website, promotional materials, and final report;
  • Regular updates on legislative, regulatory and media developments; and
  • Access to Partnership resources including: tool kits, fact sheets, advocacy materials, policy documents.

Click here to view P4HA’s 2-pager overview. Please contact Sloane Salzburg with any questions.

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